Accepted Papers

Long Papers

LONG Story Co-telling Dialogue Generation based on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning and Story Highlights
YuKai Lee and Chia-Hui Chang

LONG Turning Flowchart into Dialog: Augmenting Flowchart-grounded Troubleshooting Dialogs via Synthetic Data Generation
Haolan Zhan, Sameen Maruf, Lizhen Qu, Yufei Wang, Ingrid Zukerman and Gholamreza Haffari

LONG The sub-band cepstrum as a tool for local spectral analysis in forensic voice comparison
Shunichi Ishihara and Frantz Clermont

LONG Right the docs: Characterising voice dataset documentation practices used in machine learning
Kathy Reid and Elizabeth T. Williams

LONG Encoding Prefixation in Southern Min
Yishan Huang

LONG BanglaClickBERT: Bangla Clickbait Detection from News Headlines using Domain Adaptive BanglaBERT and MLP Techniques
Saman Sarker Joy, Tanusree Das Aishi, Naima Tahsin Nodi and Annajiat Alim Rasel

LONG Using C-LARA to evaluate GPT-4’s multilingual processing
ChatGPT C-LARA-Instance, Belinda Chiera, Cathy Chua, Chadi Raheb, Manny Rayner and Annika Simonsen, Zhengkang Xiang and Rina Zviel-Girshin

LONG MCASP: Multi-Modal Cross Attention Network for Stock Market Prediction
Kamaladdin Fataliyev and Wei Liu

LONG Catching Misdiagnosed Limb Fractures in the Emergency Department Using Cross-institution Transfer Learning
Filip Rusak, Bevan Koopman, Nathan J. Brown, Kevin Chu, Jinghui Liu and Anthony Nguyen

LONG Exploring Causal Directions through Word Occurrences: Semi-supervised Bayesian Classification Framework
King Tao Jason Ng and Diego Molla

Short Papers

SHORT Chat Disentanglement: Data for New Domains and Methods for More Accurate Annotation
Sai Gouravajhala, Andrew Vernier, Yiming Shi, Zihan Li, Mark Ackerman and Jonathan Kummerfeld

SHORT Predicting Empathic Accuracy from User-Designer Interviews
Steven Nguyen, Daniel Beck and Katja Holtta-Otto

SHORT The uncivil empathy: Investigating the relation between empathy and toxicity in online mental health support forums
Ming-Bin Chen, Jey Han Lau and Lea Frermann

SHORT An Ensemble Method Based on the Combination of Transformers with Convolutional Neural Networks to Detect Artificially Generated Text
Vijini Pilana Liyanage and Davide Buscaldi

SHORT Enhancing Bacterial Infection Prediction in Critically Ill Patients by Integrating Clinical Text
Jinghui Liu and Anthony Nguyen

SHORT CRF-based recognition of invasive fungal infection concepts in CHIFIR clinical reports
Yang Meng, Vlada Rozova and Karin Verspoor

Industry Demonstrations

DEMO Application of NLP in multi-national, multi-linguistic clinical trials for dementia
Adam Vogel

DEMO AskTelstra: An LLM-Powered QA System for an Enhanced Customer Support
Jack Latrobe, Andrea Chiechi, Danielle Nunns, Sirirat Wisessiri, Stuart Taylor, Vijayaraj Vinuvilla Rajan, Sing Teng, Sara Keretna, Sing Yatphaisan, Zhuohan Xie, Mudit Upadhyay, Anish Chelliah CR, Steve Morris, Rohit Lakhotia and Cat Smith


ABSTRACT Characterising Mood Instability on Twitter
Lulu Ilmaknun Qurotaini

ABSTRACT Extended Abstract: An Update to the Urarina Language Verification Project (A Work in Progress)
Michael Dorin and Judith Dorin

ABSTRACT SLEDE: A classification-based evaluation model of second language English conversational dialogue
Rena Gao

ABSTRACT Synthetic Dialogue Dataset Generation using LLM Agents
Yelaman Abdullin, Diego Molla, Bahadorreza Ofoghi, John Yearwood and Qingyang Li

ABSTRACT The Role of Historical Reports in Radiology Report Summarisation
Mong Yuan Sim, Wei Emma Zhang, Xiang Dai and Cecile Paris

ABSTRACT Harnessing active learning to fine-tune large language models on minimal training data for near real-time detection of vaccine adverse events from emergency department notes
Sedigh Khademi, Christopher Palmer, Muhammad Javed, Gerardo Luis Dimaguila, Hazel Clothier, Jim Buttery and Jim Black

ABSTRACT XVD: Cross-Vocabulary Differentiable Training for Generative Adversarial Attacks
Tom Roth, Inigo Jauregi Unanue, Sharif Abuadbba and Massimo Piccardi

Shared Task

SHARED Overview of the 2023 ALTA Shared Task: Discriminate between Human-Written and Machine-Generated Text
Diego Molla, Haolan Zhan, Xuanli He and Qiongkai Xu

SHARED A Prompt in the Right Direction: Prompt Based Classification of Machine-Generated Text Detection
Rinaldo Gagiano and Lin Tian

SHARED Automatic Detection of Machine-Generated Text Using Pre-Trained Language Models
Yunhao Fang

SHARED An Ensemble Based Approach To Detecting LLM-Generated Texts
Ahmed EI-Sayed and Omar Nasr

SHARED Feature-Level Ensemble Learning for Robust Synthetic Text Detection with DeBERTaV3 and XLM-RoBERTa
Saman Sarker Joy and Tanusree Das Aishi

SHARED Stacking the Odds: Transformer-Based Ensemble for AI-Generated Text Detection
Duke Nguyen, Khaing Myat Noe Naing and Aditya Joshi

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